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Many musicians are often pictured wearing Chucks. Kurt Cobain

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In the wake of various laborrelated Nike Air Max objections, numerous companies have sprung up offering Chuck lookalikes manufactured in conditions more acceptable to the target market of the shoes. Some of these brands include No Sweat Apparel and Blackspot Anticorporation, the latter of which manufactures its shoes to comply with vegan lifestyle requirements. As already mentioned, Chucks are very popular. Chucks are probably the finest example of a shoe with a unisex and crosscultural reputation. Though they are commonly associated with what is currently called the "emo scene", this is far from the only type of venue in which they are displayed. Chucks were around before these whiny sissies started wearing them, and they will be around long after the whiny sissies have cut their hair, wiped off their eyeliner, and gone on to the next fashion craze. One unfortunate sideeffect of this recent surge in popularity is price: A pair of Chucks in 2000 cost me about $20. Now, in 2007, I see them going for upwards of $40. Nike is not a company to ignore the possibility of increased revenue, and they have most definitely capitalized on the recent upswing in the shoe's popularity. Many musicians are often pictured wearing Chucks. Kurt Cobain, Chino Moreno of the Deftones, and The Ramones come readily to mind, but I have no doubt that this is a very incomplete list. Tlachtga, whom I'm sure really is a rock star at heart, says she saw The Replacements Nike Store wearing Chucks on the cover of their album Let It Be, "which is why I started wearing them."

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